Professional Development Opportunities for French Educators

It is crucial for educators to have access to ongoing opportunities to further their skills and knowledge and to learn from each other. Enhance your instructional abilities through a variety of courses, programs, conferences and other opportunities designed specifically for educators working in French programs.

Professional Development Opportunities

There are many opportunities for B.C. educators to attend courses, conferences and education programs to improve their academic and linguistic competencies in French.

In British Columbia:

University of British Columbia (UBC):

Summer institutes and language programs (Level: Beginner to Intermediate/Advanced)

Two-year part-time graduate program (Level: Intermediate/fluency in French required)

University of Victoria:

For more information, contact

Simon Fraser University:

For more information, contact

In Nova Scotia:

In Quebec:

In Ontario:

University of Ottawa:

Other organizations offering professional development opportunities for French educators include:


What financial support is available for your professional development?

Bursary for Educators—Professional Development in French

French educators who attend courses, conferences and education programs to improve their French academic and linguistic competencies can apply for this bursary. It can help defray the cost of tuition, transportation and temporary accommodation for non-credit education programs.

Please read the French Bursary Criteria (PDF) for complete details on eligibility and bursary amounts.

Bursary for Teachers—University Courses in French

French teachers who take courses in French at accredited post-secondary institutions in Canada can apply for this bursary, which will help to defray the cost of tuition.

Please read the French Bursary Criteria (PDF) for complete details on eligibility and bursary amounts.

Financial Support through School Districts

In addition, as a result of Official Languages in Education Programs (OLEP) funding, each school district has additional funds earmarked for professional development for educators in French programs.

Educators can contact the secretary-treasurer of their school districts to find out whether there are any funds remaining that are available to support professional development opportunities for educators in French programs.