Experience French Outside of B.C.

The Ministry of Education offers secondary and post-secondary students opportunities to discover another culture, immerse themselves in French and significantly improve their fluency by living in a Francophone community in Canada. 

Discover the different programs available that allow you to fully experience the French language and culture outside British Columbia.

Experience French outside of B.C.

Francophone students who are in Grade 8 or 9 can apply to participate in a three-week French course in a Francophone region of Canada. Room, board and tuition are covered.

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This program matches Grade 9 and 10 students in French Immersion and the Francophone Program with students from Quebec. Students who are selected for the program will host Quebec students in their homes for three months in their Grade 10 or 11 year. Later that year, the B.C. students will live with Quebec families and attend Quebec schools for three months. Airfare is covered by the Ministry. Participants earn four credits towards graduation.

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Full-time students in Grade 11 or higher can apply to participate in a five-week French immersion program in a Francophone region of Canada. Room, board and tuition are covered.

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This program offers participants the opportunity to work as a Language Assistant in a French school in B.C. or an English school in Quebec or New Brunswick for nine months. Applicants must have completed at least one year of post-secondary education.

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Other opportunities to experience French outside B.C. are available to students through independent organizations:

  • Experiences Canada - formerly SEVEC (Exchange programs in Canada)
  • OSEF (Linguistic Exchange program between Canada and Europe)
  • CIEP (Work as an English-language assistant in France)