Post-Secondary Administrative Service Delivery Transformation (ASDT)

Since 2012, British Columbia’s 25 public post-secondary institutions and the Ministry of Advanced Education have been working collaboratively through the ASDT Program to share ideas, best practices, expertise and resources, with a focus on improving the delivery of post-secondary education administration and other supporting functions across the province.

The initial ASDT focus has been on the joint procurement of goods and services by leveraging combined volumes, purchasing power, and common interests for opportunities and contracts that add value to the sector.

By the end of fiscal 2015/16, more than $77 million in cost savings/avoidance had been generated through ASDT opportunities – mostly through joint procurement, financial services, and BCNET-led IT services – with these benefits remaining with the institutions participating in the opportunities.

Building on its partnership with BCNET and funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education, the ASDT joint procurement service transitioned to BCNET in April 2016 as a two-year pilot to leverage that organization’s corporate governance, administrative structure, and legal entity for delivering sector-wide joint procurement and category management. This structural change reflects the evolution and maturity of the ASDT Program and allows it to focus on new collaborative opportunities in finance, HR/benefits, facilities management, and ancillary services.

Participation in any ASDT-led opportunity is voluntary; institutions have the freedom to decide whether an opportunity is worth pursuing, recognizing that existing contracts and agreements (including collective agreements) may preclude their participation.

One of the strategic priorities for 2017/18 will be working through the details of transitioning the ASDT Program into the sector as a sustainable program, in ongoing partnership with the Ministry. The plan going forward will be built on continued broad engagement, consultation and collaboration with sector stakeholders.

Timeline – Key Highlights

2012 (July)

The ASDT Initiative is launched.


Deloitte Inc. is engaged to identify potential opportunities and assess the potential costs, savings, other benefits and implications.

Read the Deloitte Report (PDF, 1.1MB)


Tier 1 & 2 opportunities from the Deloitte Report are identified for implementation to provide nearer-term improvements in administrative service delivery.

2013 (September)

The ASDT Collaboration Office is established to support the sector's work. All 25 BC public post-secondary institutions become members of BCNET.


Reduced costs and administrative efficiencies of more than $10.5 million are reported for fiscal 2013/14 through sector collaboration, and shared IT services led by BCNET.

Read the ASDT 2013/14 Progress Report (PDF)

2014 (May)

The Joint Procurement Consortium is launched with all 25 BC public post-secondary institutions as members.


Savings/cost avoidance of $30.66 million is generated in fiscal 2014/15 through 11 ASDT opportunities and 11 BCNET opportunities.

Read the ASDT 2014/15 Progress Report (PDF)

2016 (April)

The ASDT procurement service is transitioned to BCNET to leverage the organization’s corporate governance, administrative structure, and legal entity for operating sector-wide joint procurements.

2016 (May)

The ASDT Steering Committee approves a new ASDT 3-Year Strategic Plan, entitled Charting Our Course.

Read the ASDT 3-Year Strategic Plan, Charting Our Course (PDF) 


The continued pursuit of sector collaboration opportunities leads to greater administrative efficiencies, sharing of resources and best practices, and reduced costs/cost avoidance of $36.64 million in fiscal year 2015/16.

Read the ASDT 2015/16 Progress Report (PDF)