How To Hackathon With Youth

Data literacy for young people is important, it is part of their 21st Century world. But it takes work to get good at data handling. Many of our youth in B.C. have their iPads, iPhones, Galaxy, Androids and other tablets and are already probing the world of code and they are getting good at it.

It is important that our public institutions reach out to these young people to support data literacy.

This "how-to" document has been compiled to support librarians, school staff, and youth themselves who want to promote data literacy through coding events - hackathons.

This document is a BETA version 2. Over the next few months we will be asking for feedback to improve the content so it is more useful to users. We want to know "What should we add?  What works? What are the gaps? What's missing?"

We invite you to review this version and support its development by sending your comments to