Aboriginal Education Teaching Tools and Resources

There are many thoughtful and authentic ways to teach Aboriginal history and culture. Use these teaching tools to create a lesson plan that’s tailored to the specific needs of your class.

First Peoples Principles of Learning

Help students start to understand First Peoples views and culture by exploring these basic principles with your class.

Teaching Guides & Textbooks

Find Aboriginal course curriculum information and supporting documents like teacher guides:

Access learning resources for Math First Peoples Grades 8 to 9, helpful books for Grades K to 7 and authentic content for Grades K to 3:

Order B.C. Ministry of Education approved textbooks, teacher guides, and more:

Review Indigenous books and lesson plans for all grade levels:

B.C. First Nations Studies Teacher's Guide

This resource guide has been created to assist you in using the student resource book, B.C. First Nations Studies. The student book and resource guide closely follow the thematic organization of the B.C. First Nations Studies Curriculum Document (PDF, 1.14MB).

Copies of the BC First Nations Studies Teachers' Guide are available for ordering.

Integrating Aboriginal Content

Learn how to incorporate Aboriginal content into all subject areas from Kindergarten through Grade 12.