Teaching Tools

Educators can use these tools to support Kindergarten to Grade 12 program instruction.

  • Indigenous Education
    There are many fun and exciting ways to teach Indigenous history and culture – create a lesson plan that’s tailored to the needs of your class
  • Digital Literacy
    Learn about the Digital Literacy Framework
  • English Language Learning
    Access the updated English Language Learning policy and guidelines
  • Environmental Learning and Experience
    Get great ideas on integrating environmental concepts into teaching and learning
  • Health and Physical Activity
    Help students realize the lifelong benefits of making healthy choices and being active
  • History
    Make B.C. history come alive using your creativity and some practical tools
  • Inclusive Education
    Access tools and resources designed to provide learning support for students with special needs
  • International Education 
    Learn how you can support international student learning
  • Math
    Make math understandable. Help your students achieve success in life with a learning foundation that includes strong math skills
  • Science
    Bring science to life. Find accessible ways to make science an exciting journey of discovery for your students
  • Social Studies
    Review resources related to social studies
  • Student Safety and Wellness
    Find resources to help support student's mental and physical health