Talking and Learning

The best way to prepare your child for school is to read, talk and play with them. When you talk or sing to your child and encourage them to talk and play with others, you are helping them become successful readers and learners.

Ask Questions

Talk to your child. Ask about their day. Discuss the things they see, hear, taste, touch and smell. What did they like or not like? Why? What would they like to know more about?

Make Words Fun

Use rhyme and song to help your child learn new words. Play games, like “Find the Odd One Out”: say two words that rhyme (such as moon, spoon) and one that does not rhyme (such as car). Ask your child which word does not belong.

Encourage Kids to Talk

Create opportunities for your child to talk with other children outside of school. Perhaps they could phone a friend, arrange a ‘play date’ or visit the library with others.

Download some ideas to promote talking and oral language.