Creating a Rich Reading Environment

Make reading a natural and enjoyable part of daily life. Find positive ways to encourage your child to read at home.

Have Plenty of Reading Materials

Make sure you have reading materials in your home, including storybooks, non-fiction books or magazines. Make it an adventure to find something fun and interesting to read at the bookstore or the library.

Take your child to the library to sign up for his or her own library card. Make trips to the library part of the family’s regular routine.

Use a bookshelf, basket, box, or some other sturdy container to create a special place to store reading materials in your child’s room. Also consider having baskets of books throughout the house, in a backpack or the car.

Set a Positive Example

Make sure your child sees you reading and treating books with care. Children are naturally curious and want to do what you are doing.

Talk About Reading

Talk with your child about what they are reading. Predict what comes next. Talk about the characters or the setting. Notice print all about us – on street signs, at the store, at recreation centres.

Family Reading Time

Set aside regular time for family reading – even 10 or 15 minutes a day will make a big difference. Read with your child or, if your child can read, have family members read on their own.

Reading at Home Video

Take a look at this video about reading at home.