End or Relinquish Your Certification

Ending your certification will mean you will need to apply for a new certificate and re-qualify based on the requirements at that time before you can teach in B.C. again.

If you are moving, retiring or changing careers, you may still want to maintain your B.C. certificate by paying the annual practice fee.

If you are no longer teaching in B.C. and do not plan to return to teaching in B.C., or you do not intend to hold a position that requires a B.C. teaching certificate, you can end your certification using one of the following options.

If you do not pay the annual practice fee, the Director of Certification will cancel your certificate.

You can end your teaching certificate at any time by submitting the Notice of Relinquishment Form (PDF) to the Ministry of Education.

Refunding the Annual Practice Fee

If you personally paid your annual practice fee for the upcoming school year, you will receive a refund as long as your Notice of Relinquishment Form is received by the Ministry of Education on or before June 30 of the current year.

If your employer deducted your annual fee from your payroll for the upcoming school year, you will need to send a written refund request with your Notice of Relinquishment Form to the Ministry of Education to be received on or before June 30 of the current year. The request must indicate your intention not to teach in B.C. during the upcoming school year (or hold a position that requires a B.C. teaching certificate). The Ministry of Education will return the fee to your employer who will need to give the refund to you and adjust your T4 accordingly. We can accept this form by mail or email (trb.certification@gov.bc.ca).