Letter of Permission

A Letter of Permission is a special permit to teach at a particular school for up to one school year. They're used to hire someone uncertified when a certified teacher is not available. 

Requirements to Apply

School districts or independent school authorities need to recommend a teacher for a Letter of Permission if they want to hire them for a specific position. The following information needs to be submitted with an application.

Proof that the teaching position was advertised

The job posting must be advertised for at least two weeks. If multiple school subjects are assigned to the same position, each subject should be advertised as a separate positions – to provide more opportunity for hiring a certified teacher for part of the position.

All job postings must be included with the application.

Reasons why a certified teacher was not hired

If a certified teacher applied for the position, the school district or authority must provide comprehensive rationale for not hiring that teacher.

Post secondary transcripts

Transcripts are required for your post-secondary studies from all institutions you attended. You can request that your transcripts are sent directly to the Ministry of Education. For a Letter of Permission application only, transcripts in sealed envelopes or notarized copies are accepted. 

Apply for a letter