Personalize Your Teaching

A successful educational experience meets each student’s learning needs and supports them as they explore personal interests and dreams. As an educator, see how you can support our student-centered education system focused on supporting each student's individual way of learning.

Diverse Student Needs

Meeting the unique needs of each student can be challenging. In almost every classroom, educators need to give attention to students who require learning support because of their special needs, gifts or talents.

The teaching strategy for these students is outlined in an Individual Education Plan (IEP) – a document created in collaboration with the principal, student and their parents, and special resource personnel.

Best practice strategies are taken from Special Education Services: A Manual of Policies, Procedures and Guidelines (PDF, 1.5MB). The manual provides strategic support for assessment, IEP planning and implementation, learning strategies, goal setting and achievement tracking for each of the following special needs categories:

  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Learning disabilities
  • Gifted
  • Behavioral needs or mental illness
  • Physically dependent
  • Deafblind
  • Physical disabilities or chronic health impairments
  • Visual impairments
  • Deaf or hard of hearing
  • Autism spectrum disorder

Resources: Check out teaching and learning support resources designed for educators.