B.C.'s Redesigned Curriculum

B.C. teachers and the Ministry of Education have been working together on revisions to the current curriculum to replace the current integrated resource packages (IRPs). The goals of the revisions have included ensuring our students get the skills they need to succeed in our changing world, and making sure that teachers can deliver the curriculum efficiently and effectively. The number of learning outcomes has been reduced, providing more time and flexibility for students to explore topics in depth.

We are part way through implementing the redesigned curriculum in public and independent schools. Full transition to the new K-9 curriculum took effect for all public and independent schools in B.C. in September 2016. 

In 2018/19 all B.C. schools will use the new Grade 10 curriculum; the Grades 11 & 12 curriculum will remain available for optional trial use.

In 2019/20 all B.C. schools will use the new Grade 11 & 12 curriculum.