B.C.'s Redesigned Curriculum

B.C. teachers and the Ministry of Education have been working together on revisions to the current curriculum to replace the current integrated resource packages (IRPs). The goals of the revisions have included ensuring our students get the skills they need to succeed in our changing world, and making sure that teachers can deliver the curriculum efficiently and effectively. The number of learning outcomes has been reduced, providing more time and flexibility for students to explore topics in depth.

We are beginning a three-year plan to implement the redesigned curriculum in public and independent schools. Teachers may voluntarily use the K-9 draft curriculum, in full or in part, in the 2015/16 school year. Full transition to the K-9 curriculum will take place in all public and independent schools in B.C. in September 2016. Curriculum drafts for grades 10-12 are now available for review and feedback.

The strength of the new curriculum will be continuously improved based on your experience and feedback with it. Your feedback will also assist us with developing or enhancing areas of support the curriculum such as instruction examples.There are a number of support tools available to you. These include: