Workplace Program Guides

Youth Train in Trades Program Guides

In collaboration with the Industry Training Authority and Industry Training Organizations, we have developed the following program guides. Youth Train in Trades programs provide students with access to industry training while they are still enrolled in secondary school. The following program guides are found in the Applied Design, Skills and Technology (ADST) section of provincial curriculum.

Workplace Program Guides

Work experience is a required component of all career programs. Elective work experience courses provide students with opportunities to further explore career areas and to develop or practice job readiness, employability, or job-specific skills. The program guides for Youth Work in Trades and Ministry-Authorized Work Experience Courses (WEX) are found in the Career Preparation section of provincial curriculum.

Program Guide Review

District and school staff are invited to review and provide feedback on these guides. Feedback can be sent to and will be accepted until January 18, 2019.