Where Performance Standards Are Used

BC Performance Standards are used to support learning at all levels of the school system in the province.


  • Provide basis for rating scales used in provincial assessments (e.g. Foundation Skills Assessment and English 10)
  • Used as foundation for several sections and illustrations in the BC English Language Arts curriculum
  • Used as a central resource for teacher inquiry in the Network of Performance Based Schools

Districts and regions

  • Used in district assessments
  • Provide basis for reporting systems
  • Facilitate communication with community
  • Offer a framework for collecting evidence for district plans
  • Used in program and resource evaluations
  • Provide framework for developing instructional resources


  • Used in school-wide assessments
  • Facilitate communication and articulation across grade levels
  • Offer a framework for collecting evidence for school plans
  • Used as part of reporting to parents
  • Used to support and monitor school-wide initiatives


  • Provide descriptive feedback to students
  • Offer a frame for developing criteria
  • Support self-evaluation
  • Consistent use of language: among teachers; with students; with parents
  • Compare student performance to provincial standards
  • Document evidence of student growth
  • Help in report writing
  • Provide exemplars teachers and students can refer to

Support Services

  • Facilitate communication between classroom teacher and support teachers
  • Support development of Individual Education Plans.
  • Help to identify students who may benefit from intervention or extra challenges
  • Provide framework for planning intervention
  • Document student growth
  • Staff members have opportunities to collaborate, share experiences and results

Factors for Success

Schools and teachers who have worked with the standards often emphasize the importance of the
following factors:

  • The first priority is to improve learning
  • Teachers take the initiative to use the standards
  • In schools, the staff collaboratively chooses a focus and process
  • Teachers work with their students to develop shared understanding
  • Staff members have opportunities to collaborate, share experiences and results