Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Healthy Relationships Level: 4 to 6

Prescribed Learning Outcomes in Health and Career Education (HACE)

The Healthy Living Performance Standards represent selected PLO’s at these grade levels. A complete list of PLO’s can be found at Health and Career Education


Healthy Relationships

  • C5 describe interpersonal skills necessary to build positive relationships (e.g., co-operation, inclusion, communication skills, empathy, respectful behaviour)
  • C6 demonstrate appropriate strategies for responding to bullying behaviour (e.g., assess the situation, avoidance, assertiveness, reporting, seeking help)

Healthy Relationships

  • C5 assess their own interpersonal skills as they apply to building and maintaining positive relationships with family and friends
  • C6 analyse behaviours that contribute to a safe and caring school environment (e.g., taking responsibility for personal actions, supporting others, promoting respect for diversity)

Healthy Relationships

  • C5 assess the influence that peers have on individuals’ attitudes and behaviour
  • C6 demonstrate an understanding of the harmful effects of stereotyping and discrimination
  • C7 identify school, local, provincial, national, and international strategies for preventing and responding to discrimination, stereotyping, and bullying
  • C8 apply appropriate strategies for responding to discrimination, stereotyping, and bullying