Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Healthy Relationships Level: 10 to 12

Prescribed Learning Outcomes in Planning 10 (PL), Graduation Transitions (GT), and Family Studies (FS)

The Healthy Living Performance Standards represent selected PLO’s at these grade levels. For a complete list of PLO’s go to Planning 10, Graduation Transitions, and Family Studies.



Healthy Relationships

  • C3 demonstrate an understanding of skills needed to build and maintain healthy relationships (e.g., effective communication, problem solving)
  • C4 analyse factors contributing to a safe and caring school (e.g., respect for diversity, prevention of harassment and intimidation)
  • developing a long-term personal healthy living plan appropriate to their lifestyle that describes
  • emotional health management (e.g., ways to manage stress)
  • positive health choices

Issues and Challenges of Adolescence

  • B20 describe changing relationships in adolescence

Lifestyle and Life Changes

  • C9 analyse the components of a healthy lifestyle for adults

Wellness and Safety in Interpersonal Relationships


  • E17 describe components of a healthy relationship
  • E18 describe components of an unhealthy relationship


  • E19 demonstrate an understanding of how to stay safe in a variety of interpersonal relationships
  • E20 propose and evaluate actions that could be taken when relationships become unsafe