Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Active Living Grade Level: 10 to 12


Prescribed Learning Outcomes in Physical Education (PE) and Daily Physical Activity (DPA)

The Healthy Living Performance Standards represent selected PLO’s at these grade levels. For a complete list of PLO's can be found at Physical Education.


Active Living

  • A1 describe a variety of ways to be active throughout one’s life
  • A2 demonstrate understanding of health-related components of fitness, skill-related components, fitness and movement concepts
  • A3 implement a comprehensive physical activity plan incorporating goal setting processes, components of fitness, considerations of personal abilities and interests, nutritional considerations, principles of training


  • A4 participate daily in moderate to vigorous physical activity to enhance fitness

Active Living

  • design and implement plans for balanced, healthy living, including nutrition, exercise, rest and work
  • demonstrate an understanding of the factors that affect the choice of physical activity throughout life, including age, gender, time, culture and environment
  • describe strategies for stress management and relaxation
  • demonstrate an understanding of how the cardiovascular, muscular, and skeletal systems relate to human motor performance

Active Living

  • design, evaluate, and monitor plans for a balanced, healthy lifestyle, taking into consideration factors that affect the choice of physical activity, including age, gender, culture, environment and body image perceptions
  • analyse and design plans for stress management and relaxation
  • develop a plan to maximize personal motor performance for themselves and others

Daily Physical Activity

  • participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity for a minimum of 150 minutes per week at each grade from 10 to 12
  • demonstrate the knowledge, attitudes, and positive habits needed to be healthy individuals, responsible for their own physical and emotional well-being