Levels of Student Performance

The BC performance standards, in most cases, describe student achievement in relation to prescribed learning outcomes in March-April of the school year and illustrate the following four levels of student performance:

Emerging – not yet within expectations

  • the learning does not meet grade-level expectations
  • there is little evidence of progress toward the relevant prescribed learning outcomes
  • the situation needs intervention

Developing – meets expectations – minimal level

  • the learning may be inconsistent, but meets grade-level expectations at a minimal level
  • there is evidence of progress toward relevant prescribed learning outcomes
  • the student needs support in some areas

Acquired – fully meets expectations

  • the learning meets grade-level expectations
  • there is evidence that relevant prescribed learning outcomes have been accomplished

Accomplished – exceeds expectations

  • the learning exceeds grade-level expectations in significant ways
  •  the student may benefit from extra challenges