B.C. Performance Standards for Healthy Living

The B.C. Healthy Living Performance Standards have been developed as an assessment resource for voluntary use in B.C. schools. They are designed to support and align with several required areas of study within the B.C. provincial curriculum.

The B.C Healthy Living Performance Standards describe the professional judgments of a number of B.C educators about cross-curricular expectations for healthy living, and they provide a context within which teachers, students, and families can examine student learning in these areas.

The standards are intended to provide a resource those schools and families can use to focus and monitor their efforts to enhance health knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours among students while providing a foundation for student achievement in general.

The development of the B.C Healthy Living Performance Standards was informed, in part, by the Prescribed Learning Outcomes and Suggested Achievement Indicators contained within the provincial curricula of Health and Career Education K-9, Planning 10, Graduation Transitions, Physical Education K-12, Daily Physical Activity, and Home Economics 8-10: Food Studies and Family Studies.

The B.C Healthy Living Performance Standards are not intended to replace existing curricula, nor do they represent all concepts addressed within such curricula. Rather, the B.C Healthy Living Performance Standards support teachers in addressing some of the provincial curricula requirements as well as provide a framework for ongoing formative classroom assessment of healthy living concepts which exists as part of classroom programs and curricula.