Sending Electronic Transcripts

You can send your official electronic transcript to the post-secondary institution of your choice through the StudentTranscript Service. You set a security question and then we send them a secure copy of your transcripts as a downloadable PDF. It works just like sending an e-transfer from your bank.

Before you Start

  1. Ask if your post-secondary institution can accept electronic transcripts from the B.C. Ministry of Education and Child Care
  2. Then you will need:
    1. The name and email address of the person who will receive your transcript
    2. To create a security question and answer for the receiver to verify their identity. 
      • Tips
        • You may wish to agree on a question and answer with the recipient before you submit your order
        • The question and answer cannot include your personal information (name, birth date, etc.) or it won't work.

Sending your Transcript

From your StudentTranscript Service dashboard:

  1. Select “Send Your Transcript”
  2. Choose “Send an Electronic Transcript (by PDF download)

Receiving an Electronic Transcript

After you complete your order, an email with instructions will be sent to your authorized receiver.

Please make sure the receiver knows the following (you may wish to send them a link to this page or cut and paste this information in an email):

  • The PDF will be available for seven days
  • The recipient must use a computer not a mobile device. The document will not save properly on cell phones and tablets and then it will have to be resent
  • The preferred web browsers are Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer sometimes causes problems for the receiver
  • The document cannot be forwarded, or it will lock and need to be resent
  • If the wrong password is entered 3 times the document will lock and need to be resent.