Keeping Kids Safe from Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation

In a healthy school culture, students are engaged in learning because they feel welcome, supported and safe. Learn how you can help keep kids safe from bullying, harassment and intimidation:

Students can help by taking responsibility for their own behaviour – and by speaking out when the rights or safety of others are threatened.

Parents play a critical role in ending bullying and youth violence by teaching children right from wrong and demonstrating how to be empathic, kind and accepting. Parents can help by:

  • Being an active listener – Encourage your child to talk about their concerns
  • Making a plan – Create an anti-bullying plan together so your child knows what to do and where to go for help when they feel a situation is unsafe
  • Managing feelings – Help them learn how to manage angry feelings and be assertive without being aggressive in standing up for themselves and others.
  • Being aware – Monitor who your child hangs out with – either in person or through videogames, the Internet, television, music or social media
  • Communicating – Keep the lines of communication open with your child’s school, as well. If a problem arises, work closely with teachers and other school staff to resolve it quickly.

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