Encouraging Socially Responsible Behaviour

Success in education happens when everyone acts in socially responsible ways.

See the B.C. Core Competencies for a common set of expectations for socially responsible behaviour at school.

Here are a few of the standards that can help guide the actions of students:

Contributing to the Classroom and School Community

  • Being welcoming, friendly, kind and helpful.
  • Participating willingly in classroom activities and working cooperatively.
  • Volunteering for extra responsibilities.

Solving Conflicts in Peaceful Ways

  • Expressing feelings honestly, managing feelings of anger appropriately and listening respectfully.
  • Showing empathy and considering differing points of view.
  • Working to solve interpersonal problems calmly and knowing when to get adult help.

Valuing Diversity and Defending Human Rights

  • Treating others fairly and respectfully and trying to be unbiased and ethical.
  • Showing interest in correcting injustice and speaking out and taking action to support diversity and defend human rights.

Exercising Democratic Rights and Responsibilities

  • Showing a growing sense of responsibility and following school rules.
  • Showing a sense of community mindedness and being accountable for personal behaviour.
  • Taking action to improve the world.