Visiting French Teacher Placement Scholarships


There are ten (10) awards of $1,250 each for teachers from France or Belgium who have been accepted to teach in a B.C. school district or independent school. These awards are intended for assisting with placement costs for visiting French teachers.

Eligibility criteria

Nominees must meet the following criteria for the Visiting French Teacher Placement Award :

  • Hold a valid passport from/be a citizen of France or Belgium
  • Be accepted to teach French language or French immersion in a B.C. school district or independent school in the 2019-20 school year
  • Be nominated for award by a B.C. school district or independent school

Application process for B.C. school districts or independent schools ​

School district or independent school sponsor must:

  1. Complete the Award Nomination, on behalf of the nominee, and the Statement of Support
  2. Ensure that each nominee(s) has completed the consent to the disclosure of their information to BCCIE
  3. Send all documentation to the British Columbia Council for International Education (BCCIE)