Phased Out Provincial Scholarships

Graduation Program Examinations Scholarships

You have up to five years from September 30th of your high school graduation year to redeem your Graduation Program Examinations Scholarship at a designated post-secondary institution. For information about how to redeem this scholarship, please see Using or Replacing a Scholarship.

Passport to Education

Redeem a Passport

You have up to five years from September 30th of your high school graduation year to redeem your Passport to Education award. You redeem it by attending a designated college, university, or career training school.

Once you are registered at a designated post-secondary institution  (i.e. approved for Canada Student Loans by B.C.), or an authorized trades training provider in B.C. and have paid tuition equal to or greater than the amount of the award, you can either

  1. Redeem your award directly from the Ministry of Education
  2. Or, use it to help cover tuition

Learn more about how to redeem your Passport to Education.

Lost or Damaged Passports

Contact your high school immediately if you think that your Passport award has been lost or damaged.

To request a replacement, your high school must complete this form and send it with your $25.00 payment to the Ministry of Education. You can pay by cheque or money order (payable to Minister of Finance), Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

The Ministry will send a formal letter to your school for you to pick up. This is the replacement for your lost Passport award. You redeem it by returning it to the Ministry along with proof of registration and proof of tuition fees paid.

Expired Passports

Passport to Education stamps expire five years from September 30 of your high school graduation year. The stamps have marked expiry dates. The Ministry of Education can't redeem or extend the expiry dates of expired Passport to Education stamps.