Personal Education Number (PEN) Information for Students and Parents

Students entering B.C.’s education system are assigned a Personal Education Number (PEN) – a unique nine-digit number. 

If you attended a B.C. K-12 school since 1993, wrote a provincial exam since 1986 or attended a B.C. Public Post-Secondary Institution since 1998, then you MAY have a PEN.

You use this PEN when accessing provincial exam results or ordering secondary school transcripts.

Personal Education Numbers can be useful for students registering in a B.C. Post-secondary Institution.

Obtaining Your PEN

You can obtain your PEN using one of the following options:

  • Checking with your current, or recent secondary school
  • The school where you wrote your most recent provincial exam
  • The top right-hand corner of your official Ministry of Education transcript
  • If you attended a B.C. Public Post-Secondary Institution since 1998, you may have a PEN. To obtain your PEN contact that institution's records department
  • Download and complete as per the instructions on the Student PEN Request Form (PDF)

PENs can only be given to:

  • The person assigned the PEN
  • That person’s current or future school (in case of early registrations)
  • That person’s parent or guardian (if the person is under 19 years of age and incapable of consenting to the disclosure)

Under the Freedom of Information and the Protection of Privacy Act, PEN information cannot be given over the phone.

Registering for a Post-Secondary Institution

Providing your PEN on Post-Secondary application(s) will streamline the process. However, as a student, you are not required to provide your PEN.

If an application form or web site asks for your PEN, you may leave it blank. An institution cannot deny or delay your application if you do not provide your PEN. If you are applying from out of province, then the B.C. Post-Secondary Institution will request a PEN from the Ministry of Education on your behalf.

If you require information on obtaining your secondary school transcript as part of your application to a Post-Secondary Institution, please visit Secondary School Transcripts and Certificates.

If your post-secondary application is returned to you or you encounter problems registering without your PEN, please contact the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development.