Protection of Personal Information

Protecting personal information is critical to everyone using MyEducation BC. While school districts are responsible for the protection of their students and staff’s personal information, we can ensure personal information is secure within MyEducation BC by implementing industry best practices and following strict privacy requirements:

Information Use, Collection and Storage

MyEducation BC was designed for use by school districts, teachers and families.

Collection of personal information: The service also helps schools and school districts gather the data they need in order to receive funding or complete mandatory reporting cycles (as required by the School Act or Independent School Act).

Schools and school districts collect personal information from students in order to:

  • Deliver education programs
  • Ensure student safety
  • Manage the education system
  • Comply with laws and regulations
  • Issue report cards
  • Compile statistics

More about the types of information collected can be found in the privacy impact assessment (PDF) and privacy impact assessment template for school districts (PDF). 

The Ministry uses the data collected from schools and school districts to report on student achievement and demographics in B.C.’s K-12 school system. No new information is being submitted to the Ministry through MyEducation BC and the Ministry does not collect information directly from MyEducation BC or any other student information system.

Storage: Student records are stored in a secure data centre in Kelowna, B.C. The facility is managed through Fujitsu Consulting (Canada). A secondary data centre in Regina is also used for training activities, hosting support databases and serving as a disaster recovery backup. Both sites are inspected on a regular basis. MyEducation BC is not a cloud-based service.

Information for families:  The secure family portal in MyEducation BC is a web-based tool that enables regular communication between teachers and parents.  The portal provides personalized access to school calendars, student attendance and schedules, events and additional information.  

Access: Schools and school districts assign user accounts to students, parents, educators, counsellors, administrative staff and other professionals within the school system. 

Specific roles and security classes are used to control which student information is available to each user. For example, the type of information available to a parent or guardian is very different than what’s available to a school principal. 

This approach is based on:

Privacy Training

Each school district is responsible for training their staff on the use of MyEducation BC, including privacy training. 

Protecting Information is an online training resource on privacy and protecting information that can be accessed by all districts (and any member of the public).  This training program has been reviewed by the:

  • Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner 

Online training on the use and features of MyEducation BC is also available within the application for users who already have an account.