MyEducation BC

MyEducation BC provides secure access to a single educational record for students no matter where they learn in British Columbia. Teachers, students and parents can use features in MyEducation BC to collaborate and plan a more personalized learning experience for students.

Teachers have greater insight into the unique needs, interests and passions of students as they have instant access to each student's educational history. Students and their families will have online access to progress and achievement information.

School communities are beginning to explore opportunities to use MyEducation BC for secure communication between parents, teachers and school staff about learning. Students may explore opportunities for working collaboratively through group pages, and submit assignments online within a secure protected environment.

To find out how your school will use MyEducation BC, please contact your school district.

Progress to date:

  • Final conversion of all schools and student records from BCeSIS to MyEducation BC was completed on schedule in December 2015
  • 1,933 B.C. and Yukon schools and StrongStart centres enrolling 580,929 active students are using MyEducation BC
  • 56 public school districts are using the MyEducation BC service
  • The new user information site is live at