Assessments & Exams Information for Students

Feel confident about writing an exam or assessment – check the schedule, find out what to expect on the test and practice your test-taking skills.

Assessment Schedule

View the exam and assessment schedule for the current school year, including dates, times and other key information.

Prepare for an Assessment or Exam

Prepare for your assessment or exam – take advantage of sample questions and answers and other useful information.

Graduation Numeracy Assessment

Graduation Literacy Assessment

  • The Graduation Literacy Assessment will be introduced in January 2020. Resources are under development


Reports from Markers

The information in these reports is provided by BC-certified, credentialed markers. It provides a provincial overview of exam and assessment results by subject and from each session. 

Reviews, Re-Marks & Rewrites

Re-writes: You can re-take the Graduation Assessments to improve your proficiency score. Your best level achieved will be counted as your final result.  

Re-marks: If you question a mark or score received on a graduation assessment, you may request to have it re-scored within a specific time period for a fee.

Reviews: You can view your assessment responses through the review process. Reviews can be helpful to determine whether to pay for a re-mark or when preparing to re-take an assessment.