January - February Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) For Parents and Students

See how B.C. students are doing – check out assessment results for reading, writing and numeracy skills. Annually, B.C. students enrolled in Grades 4 and 7 participate in the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA).

The assessment is developed by B.C. educators to measure learning skills linked to the provincial curriculum and performance standards. Results help the Province, school districts and schools keep track of how well our education system is doing and identify learning areas that may need improvement.

Understanding the January - February FSA

FSA provides a “snapshot” of how well B.C. students are doing.

Design and Development

The assessment instruments are developed by BC educators. The development generally involves a year-long cycle in which the Ministry of Education engages teams of practicing classroom teachers and subject area specialists in the process.

Steps taken in assessment design and development include:

  • Tables of Specifications are established
  • Test designs are determined, reviewed and revised
  • Items are written, reviewed and revised by the development teams
  • Reading passages undergo social consideration review
  • Items are pilot-tested, analyzed and revised
  • Technical reviews are conducted by teams of classroom teachers and subject specialists

Preparing Your Child for the FSA

To relieve stress for your child assure them that Foundation Skills Assessment results are not used in preparing their final grades. Rather they serve as a complement to other measurements, like classroom assessments and report card marks. This helps provide a more in-depth look at their development of basic skills.

Reviewing FSA Results

If your child participates, by March 31, you and your child's classroom teacher will receive a copy of your child’s assessment results (reading, writing, and math), results chart (PDF) and student response booklet. Included in this 

The Individual Student Results Report you will receive is provided in English. If English is not your primary language we have provided translated versions of the Individual Student Results Report in 14 languages.

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