Online & Distributed Learning

In this style of learning, students can connect with their teacher from anywhere in the world on their own schedule and their own terms. This approach is called distributed learning (DL).

Teachers use a wide variety of electronic tools to teach their students including voice and video conferencing over the Internet, email, telephone calls and others. Every DL school provides a teacher who works with each student to:

  • Plan and deliver a course of study
  • Get course textbooks and resources
  • Assess student progress and complete a report card

Students can choose to complete an entire program via distributed learning or partner it with other learning options like in-person classes, blended classrooms or homeschooling.

Sign up for Classes

Both public and independent distributed learning schools offer classes. Students in Kindergarten to Grade 7 must take a full course load at one school, while students in Grades 8 to 12 may enrol in courses from a number of different distributed learning schools at one time.

Graduation Credits

Check out other flexible learning options that enable students to earn credit towards graduation, for example:

  • Enrol in a recognized external program in music, sports or other skill area
  • Take college and university courses while still in high school
  • Complete trades and apprenticeship training while attending school

If you're a high school student enrolled in courses at more that one school, talk to your school counsellor to make sure your grades are being recorded on your transcript.