BC's Education Plan

BC's Education PlanBC’s Education Plan is based on a simple vision:

Capable young people thriving in a rapidly changing world.

To achieve this, we need an education system that better engages students in their own learning and that fosters the skills and competencies they will need to succeed. The focus for this transformation is the movement to increasingly personalized learning, which is enabled and supported by quality teaching and learning, flexibility and choice, and high standards.


BC's Focus on Learning: K - 12 Innovation 2015

K-12 Innovation Strategy: Moving personalized learning from concept to everyday practice

As part of the BC’s Education Plan to move to more personalized learning opportunities for B.C. students, the K-12 Innovation Strategy will support a partnership of schools, post-secondary institutions and teachers as they develop new, innovative teaching practices and approaches.


 K-12 Innovation Forum: Highlights from around B.C.

There is a need to create more opportunities to students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings, outside the bounds of a traditional classroom – and this requires new and renewed community partnerships. The K-12 Innovation Forum is an opportunity for business, First Nations and community leaders to come together and discuss how to best support the K-12 Innovation Strategy in British Columbia as it moves from concept to everyday practice.

There are many examples of innovative teaching and learning practices in our province. The video highlights we’ve captured below from some of our school districts is a snapshot that helps tell the story of innovative, hands-on student learning. They also reinforce the importance of creating engaging, meaningful learning experiences for our students, that help them be better prepared for their future. 

K-12 Innovation Forum: Comox Valley

K-12 Innovation Highlight: Comox Valley

K-12 Innovation Highlights: Central Okanagan

K-12 Innovation Forum: Central Okanagan

K-12 Innovation Highlights: Fraser Valley

K-12 Innovation Forum: Fraser Valley

K-12 Innovation Forum: Peace River North

K-12 Innovation Highlights: Peace River North

K-12 Innovation Highlights: Prince George School District

K-12 Innovation Forum: Prince George