B.C.–Quebec Exchange Program

Last updated: March 30, 2021

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The B.C.-Quebec Exchange Program is open to French Immersion and Francophone program students in grades 10 and 11. Students must apply in Grade 9 or 10 to go on exchange in Grade 10 or 11, the following year. 

  • Each participant is matched with a student from Quebec in the spring of the application year.
  • In the fall of the exchange year, B.C. students and their families welcome the Quebec students with whom who they were matched with into their homes. For three months, the B.C. and Quebec students attend school and participate in local activities together.
  • In late January, the B.C. students travel to Quebec, and spend three months there living with the Quebec students and their families, attending school, and experiencing Quebec culture.

A sponsor teacher in each school conducts in-home interviews, helps visiting students integrate into the school community, and assists departing students with academic planning for the exchange period. The Ministry of Education and Child Care supports sponsor teachers by providing them with a modest stipend based on the number of participating students at the school.

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Students who participate in this program see significant improvements in their fluency in French, due to total immersion and regular interaction with native speakers. Participants enjoy many new experiences, and have the opportunity to discover another culture. Through the program, students gain self-confidence, social and communication skills, and independence.


There is no cost to participate in this program. The Ministry of Education and Child Care covers the cost of airfare to and from Quebec. Students are responsible for their own spending money during their stay in Quebec. Each family must provide accommodation and meals for the visiting student during the exchange period, just as the host family will provide accommodation and meals during the B.C. student’s stay in Quebec. 

Selection criteria

  • Commitment to the program and desire to include the partner student in school and family life
  • A strong academic record and evidence of participation in school and community activities
  • Willingness to work with teachers to ensure that academic requirements are met
  • Personal qualities such as motivation, maturity, sense of responsibility, sense of humour, openness to differences, and adaptability.

How to sign up

Students must apply through their schools to participate. Please contact a French teacher at your school to find out whether it currently participates in the B.C.-Quebec Exchange Program. If not, please ask the teacher to email the program coordinator at echangequebec@cjfcb.com for more information.