Working together: Modern Languages Enhancing Learning Grant


Core french, French Immersion, Teacher Professional Development, District-level initiative, Vancouver Island Region, 2016-2017


A Modern Languages Enhancing Learning Grant of $2000 was available to each dual track school. The grant is intended to provide opportunities for a team of teachers to work together on an in-depth inquiry project with a focus on language acquisition in French Immersion and Core French. The grant criteria was: In-Depth Inquiry /Action research question with measurable outcomes; Research/evidence based (must identify); Focus on language acquisition. Teacher teams were to submit a brief description for approval of no more than one page, using the following headings: Participants (at least three teachers and one principal or vice-principal); Action research question and measurable outcomes; Current research (identify). School teams agreed to attend two district facilitated meetings and share school inquiry question, resources and reflections with school and district colleagues in June.


Outcomes were as follows:  1. Teacher led inquiry with a focus on improving student learning in a second language context. 2. Sharing of initiatives and outcomes with other teachers. The initiative was successful as it supported a diversity of teacher-initiated and teacher-led professional development opportunities grounded in a process of inquiry.