Reinvigorating interest in French Through Action Research


Core french, Teacher Professional Development, District-level initiative,  Fraser Valley Region, 2016-2017


French Department heads met to consider funding, professional development, exchange and core French opportunities in the district. Each high school put together a plan for reinvigorating interest in French studies in their respective schools and shared these initiatives with each other. Action Research with different lesson tools will be able to inform further work next year. New French specialists in the District were able to purchase specific resources they wanted for areas of learning they were passionate about. 


Two main benefits: Student Engagement and Staff Retention . We've had anecdotal data from students which supports a reinvigorated interest.  Enrollment in French classes has remained steady. After years of decreasing interest it is very positive to see students still interested in French especially in grades 11 and 12.  We've also managed to retain our excellent French specialists despite considerable market demand.