Professional Development series : Inquiry in the French


French Immersion, Teacher professional development, District-level initiative, Metro Vancouver Region, 2016-2017


Professional Development Series on Inquiry for French Immersion Teachers grades 4-12.  In partnership with Simon Fraser University (SFU) Field Programs, the New Westminster French Facilitator, Keri Roberts, organized a series of four sessions with  French Immersion teachers from the New Westminster School District. The focus was on learning about inquiry in the classroom while teachers undertook their own inquiry project in their teaching. This series brought teachers together from grades 4-12 and New Westminster School  District was also able to invite teachers from Coquitlam School District to participate in this series. Through French Federal Funds, we were  able to pay two half days of release time per participant and provide each teacher with a professional book on inquiry. Teachers invested their own time for two after school sessions.


Teachers very much appreciated this opportunity to collaborate with colleagues outside of their school to rethink the place of learning through inquiry in the classroom. This professional development series allowed teachers to become more familiar with the new curriculum through looking at Big Ideas, Core Competencies, Assessment, etc. Through teacher feedback on this series, it is evident that providing some release time is essential to engage teachers in professional learning.


  • Name: Belinda Scott
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  • School district: #40 New Westminster