On the Same Page: Towards a Unified Approach for French Immersion


French Immersion, Teacher Professional Development, District-level initiative, Northern B.C. Region, 2016-2017


Prior to 2016-2017 our District did not have a unified approach to French Immersion. The expectations for student learning/results at the three schools were not aligned. In October 2016 we established our District French Immersion Literacy/Assessment Committee. The group met 2 times in the school year. Those at the meeting included 2 teachers from W.L.McLeod Elementary, 3 teachers from William Konkin Elementary, 1 teacher from Nechako Valley Secondary School and our District Literacy Teacher. The Committee had rich, much needed conversations about French reading acquisition and monitoring (especially in K-3) and engaging French learners.


The work of our District French Immersion  Literacy/Assessment Committee was extremely successful. We were able to:  

  • make connections and build relationships with colleagues working in other schools and towns;
  • establish a District reading assessment tool and protocols for reading acquisition and assessment including a running record chart with consistent coding/levelling;
  • contract Paradigm Shift to create a French reading module for grade K to 3 in our District data portal based on the assessment tool.  

We plan to meet again next year. Our agenda in the future includes expanding our reading acquisition and monitoring in grade 4 to 8.


  • Name: Libby Hart
  • Contact email: lhart@sd91.bc.ca
  • School district: #91 Nechako Lakes