Know, Do, Understand: New Curriculum Sciences Humaines Implementation


French Immersion, Teacher Professional Development, District-level initiative,  Vancouver Island Region, 2016-2017


Using the Know, Do, Understand model of curriculum implementation, our Grade 6, 7 and 8 French Immersion teachers designed unit plans  and appropriate resources for the new Sciences Humaines curriculum. The goals included unpacking one of the Big Ideas and planning for learning with assessment in mind. The teachers targeted curricular competencies and the content or context used to acquire these competencies. Following the planning of this growth plan, teachers will implement in the next school year and adjust as necessary. They also intend to undertake similar planning for the Sciences curriculum in the 2017/2018 school year. A second initiative, undertaken as part of a District based t earn, involved creating a Core Compentency Poster in student language, translating it into French and making it available in laminated poster format to our French Immersion classroom.


Teachers worked individually and collaboratively to create an overall scope and sequence of instructional delivery of the Sciences Humaines curriculum in their classrooms. They discussed methods for second language integration and acquisition so that the unit plans involved outcomes from both Sciences Humaines and Français Langue. They are excited to begin evaluating student engagement and outcomes as a result o f their planning.


  • Name: Anne Louise Doucet
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  • School district:#64 Gulf Islands