Journey Toward High School: Core French Student Passport


Core french, District-level initiative, Thompson-Okanagan Region, 2016-2017


This year through the K-12 Innovation Partnership project our district coordinators were able to work with Core French teachers from across the district from grades 5 to 12 to develop a Student Passport that reflected the new curriculum in a format similar to passports developed for DELF ( Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française )  testing programs. The goal of this project was to facilitate transition between elementary Core French and high school Core French and help students track their language learning progress for motivational purposes. There has been a wide variety of ability levels of students coming out of elementary school into secondary school. This passport follows the students from grades 5-7 and then is passed along to the high school teachers. This allows teachers to know how to differentiate the learning base on where the kids are when they come into grade eight. This project also brought together the elementary and secondary Core French teachers in order to develop relationships for transitional activities and cooperation between feeder schools and the high schools.  


This project is in its infancy but we have had great feedback from both elementary and secondary teachers.   The passport is being used in all our elementary schools and the project will continue over the next few years to determine the efficacy.