French Curriculum Support Teacher


Core french, French Immersion, District-level initiative, Northern B.C. Region, 2016-2017


We hired a French Curriculum Support Teacher who revitalized both the French Immersion and Core French programs. This teacher created a webpage that organized resources available to support teachers and French instruction. He focused on building the Grade 5-7 Core French Program by hosting monthly French Second Language (FSL) workshops for teachers, developing lessons and units for teachers to use, and piloting the release of Club Mystère 1 Kits. He also taught or co-taught lessons in classes. He provided and coordinated release time to teachers in order to co-plan FSL units, to share resources, and in order to provide teacher mentorship. Many of the resources he created have been adapted for use on the SMART board and easily accessible from the website. This support teacher made connections with French specialty personnel from other districts and other organizations (e.g. Special Education Technology British Columbia (SET-BC), Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium (ERAC), Teach BC) in order to share current trends, strategies and resources with staff. With the decision of the School District to move towards Google suite for all students next year, the support teacher was able to train French Immersion staff to use Google Read & Write for Chrome for French. He also followed up with Read & Write workshops for whole classes. This initiative really helped teachers feel more confident in using technology to help struggling readers. Google slides provided an easy approach for students with the new speech contest format through Patati Patata. 


FSL teachers felt encouraged and supported with the delivery of the French Curriculum. Many teachers have committed to working on their french proficiency through tutorials and access to the language labs of Rosetta Stone or Duo-Lingo. They have also been inspired by the engaging and dynamic lessons using technology to integrate French into other subject areas and in their daily classroom activities, such as calendar time and daily physical activity. There is also a new sense of energy and enthusiasm from teachers that have participated in the FSL workshops and Club Mystère pilot projects. Teachers will continue to have access to the resources, weblinks, and curricular tools at this website.