French Collaborative Inquiry Project


French Immersion, Teacher Professional development, District-level initiative, Kootenay-Boundary Region, 2016-2017


Teachers from two schools (Elementary Gr 4-6 and Secondary 7-12) within the same community (Fernie) chose the following inquiry question:  

  • Collaborative Inquiry Question:  How does choice and small collaborative dialogue increase motivation and French language acquisition? In French immersion we would like to continue our investigation into creating French language centers that will provide students with authentic learning activities that will enhance French fluency and will engage our diverse learners.  At the elementary level an additional focus will be to improve skills and attitudes in numeracy.
  • Redesigned curriculum: (Describe, in a few sentences, how your work relates to the Transformation of Curriculum and Assessment.) These activities are student centered and will allow students to progress at their own rates as well as learn to be accountable for their own progress.


Baseline Data and Evidence:  (What is your baseline data about how students achieve before the project and how will you measure learning?  How will you know that you have made a difference?  E.g. B.C. Performance Standards in Reading, Writing, Healthy Living, Science, Social Responsibility, student surveys, qualitative data, etc.) Students will participate in an initial personal skill checklist ( Je peux…. dire tous mes nombres… / Je peux ….. comprendre tout ce que le professeur explique…..etc.)  At year end, students will re-assess and evaluate how their skills have progressed during the year . At the end of the project, two teachers participated in a District Sharing Fair. They were very excited with the results as students were more engaged and more able to assess or speak to their proficiency and/or improvements.