Core french, District-level initiative, Metro Vancouver Region, 2016-2017


As a result of a teacher collaborative inquiry, 6 secondary Core French teachers and the Modern Languages Consultant decided to host an event for Grade 10 students to learn more about "la Francophonie auteur du monde" in May 2017. The day consisted of a performance by a French-African drumming group, mask making, traditional folk dancing a video about Quebec with a Kahoot session, yoga completely in French and food trucks for the staggered lunch breaks. It was offsite at a local community hall and over 500 students attended. All the activities were planned by the teachers as well as the schedule and how to separate the students.  


Students had to fill out a passport at every activity and write in French about it. The comments that students made in the passports were very positive. Many commented that they would like to attend the following year. Students used the French they have learned as well as learned a few more that day. Language is not just speaking the words, but students also got to feel how close language and culture really are.  


  • Name: Adrian Keough
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  • School district: #39 Vancouver