Design Thinking Project: Making the World a Better Place

Design thinking project


Core french, Cultural Activities, Aboriginal Education, School-level initiative, Kootenay-Boundary Region, 2016-2017


The integrated cross-curricular and cultural learning that occurred during the visits of Aboriginal Elder, author, environmentalist, political activist for indigenous rights, water quality and children's welfare, Eloise Charet, who worked with our students on project-based learning around a design thinking initiative focused on living proactively and mindfully in a complex world. During her visits through the months of April, May and June to classes at Nakusp Elementary and Lucerne Elementary Secondary schools, Eloise explored indigenous French Canadian Metis culture in social justice, arts, crafts, and dance with the students as they developed their projects, extended their design thinking, problem solving, art-making, and proto-typing processes in a range of mediums


Through the project-based learning opportunities, students engaged in a most inspiring journey of discovery as they deepened their understanding, gained mastery of a medium, expressed their voices, demonstrated their learning, and ignited with enthusiasm and engagement. French culture, language, and cuisine was successfully integrated into this learning structure. Both students and parents were very supportive of the opportunity this initiative afforded.