Creating Critical Thinkers in French


French Immersion, District-level initiative, Metro Vancouver Region, 2016-2017


This year, a small group of Intermediate French Immersion teachers had the opportunity to work in a small, collaborative group setting facilitated by Garfield Gini-Newman, the Senior National Consultant for the Critical Thinking Consortium, and the Burnaby French Consultant  on the development of a unit designed to explore how teachers could apply concrete and practical ways of inviting their students to think critically. This involved using a variety of learning activities ranging from a large group presentation combined with teacher coaching, periods of reflection, and opportunities for practice as well as personalized feedback and coaching. 


Teachers involved in the project began to organize their lessons and activities to engage students in deeper critical thinking. This provided opportunities for students to apply their French language competencies in an authentic manner and to begin the process of inquiry on topics that engaged them. The team looks forward to continuing their work on this project in the upcoming school year.