Celebrating Student Growth: French Immersion Primary Learner Profile


French Immersion, District-level initiative, Thompson-Okanagan Region, 2016-2017


Who: Primary teachers, Principals, Vice Principals from each of 6 French Immersion Elementary schools as well as  Assistant Superintendent and District French Language Coordinator .

When: Monthly Meetings.

What: Creating a report card that supports the B.C. curriculum by focusing on Communication, Thinking, and Personal & Social competencies. Primary French Immersion teachers are collaboratively working on ways to report students’ progress by specifically focusing on the district-wide shared value of nurturing effective communication and global citizenship.

How: Building upon District Vision, deepening our understanding of the redesigned curriculum and exploring current research on language acquisition, early learning and assessment.


The Primary French Immersion Learner Profile was piloted in 6 classrooms throughout the year and was used as this year's year-end written report. Feedback from teachers, students and parents has been positive. Specifically, communicating student learning using the Learner Profile has helped school communities focus on competency driven pedagogy, learner agency, and meaningful, evidence-based assessment that celebrates student growth and development in a second language classroom over time.