Alive and Well Again: Late French Immersion in SD 70


French Immersion, District-level initiative, Vancouver Island Region, 2016-2017


We succeeded in restarting/drawing sufficient interest for the Late French Immersion (LFI) Program. After a district reconfiguration process (previously having middle schools for grades 6,7,8 the district went to a k-7/8-12 model). This resulted in a lot of uncertainty in the district and consequently the LFI program lost sufficient enrollment for a couple years. Being a smaller district, we had to 're-market' the program to our school population. We had a couple experienced French immersion (FI)/LFI teachers tour all the elementary schools to promote, play some fun language games and discuss the program with prospective grade 4 and 5 students in the Valley. We decided to open up the class to grade 5s to make it a 5/6 split LFI class.  


We have a full class registered, with a short waitlist, for Sept 2017.  LFI is alive and well again in SD70.