A Community of Learners: Improving Literacy in the Primary Grades


French Immersion, Teacher Professional Development, District-level initiative, Vancouver Island Region, 2016-2017


Community of Learners:  As we reviewed our student learning data for all our learners (both the English Program and the French Immersion Program), we decided that our number one Literacy goal for the 2017-2018 school year was to improve literacy. Specifically that by the end of grade three, all of our students would be fully meeting expectations in the area of writing. We identified a strategy/structure that we felt would have the biggest impact on student progress in the area of writing. This strategy/structure is called Community of Learners. For the upcoming school year we are focusing our support for teachers to learn and use this structure at the grade 2/3 level. We have piloted this in a few classrooms this year and the results have been impressive. Teachers have been invited to the 'pilot classrooms' to view Community of Learners in action and there is a lot of excitement to get this going in all classrooms. To learn more please copy and paste in your browser this video.


Elementary teachers at both our French Immersion schools feel that Community of Learners will improve both reading and writing skills of their students. We will share results at the end of the next school year.