Good News in Education


People across B.C. education communities are responding with creative and compassionate ways of supporting students and ongoing learning while we work together to stop the spread of COVID-19. Here are some of the many Good News in Education stories that will inspire you.

Good news stories about Teachers & Staff


Putting the lead in leadership! Teachers, administrators, support staff and education assistants are going above and beyond as they look for platforms and ways to stay connected to students while in-class learning is suspended.

Good news stories about students


Exceeding expectations! Some students in B.C. are making equipment for frontline health workers, showing a lot of heart and appreciation for people providing essential services and using social media to stay connected with classmates.

Good news stories about meal programs in B.C.


Bringing school meal programs - home! When in-class learning was suspended on March 17, children who rely on school meal programs needed quick, creative and supportive solutions. School districts, some with community partners, sprang into action with new ways to provide healthy foods for vulnerable children.

Good news stories about promoting wellness in education


When the times are tough, the compassionate get creative! Students are adjusting to life at home with few physical contacts and virtual access only to friends and classmates. To support them, some districts are creating weekly wellness themes, teaching kids how to prepare healthy meals and applying an Indigenous lens of connecting and caring for people’s mental health and safety first.

Good news stories about parents and communities around B.C.


It takes a village to raise a child and B.C.’s education “villages” are stepping up! What do 1,000 pounds of chocolate, 3-D printers and a food security program have in common? They are some of the community projects that are helping B.C. students and staff while in-class learning is suspended.

Good news stories about ensuring access to technology


The titans of technology! From loaning school district equipment, to sharing WiFi hotspots and redeploying school district employees as parent web support teams, there are so many people across B.C. making sure as many students as possible are able to connect with teachers for ongoing learning.