Bursaries for B.C. Teachers – University Courses in French


French teachers who take courses in French at accredited post-secondary institutions in Canada can apply for this bursary, which will help to defray the cost of tuition.

Who is eligible?

  • Teachers currently employed by a BC school district or independent school (including Teachers on Call).

To study where? ​

  • Courses on the French language and French teaching methods, and/or other courses for credit at an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution.
  • 25% of tuition fees up to $600 per semester

  • Max 2 years at $1500/year for Graduate Diploma, Master’s or unclassified students

  • Max 3 years at $2000/year for doctoral students

  • Courses must be taught predominantly in French, in person or online
  • Bursaries can be combined with other sources of funding, including student teacher credits, provided that the amount of the bursary does not exceed the total costs incurred.
  • All bursaries are taxable.
  • Teachers currently employed by a BC school district or independent school who are taking post-secondary courses part-time must apply for this bursary, rather than the Bursary for Post-secondary Education in French.
    • To be considered a full-time student you must take at least 3 courses per semester at the undergraduate level, or 2 courses per semester (or equivalent) at the graduate level.
  • Simon Fraser University student must apply directly to SFU.


Bursary Application

Apply by February 28 for courses ending between June 1 of the previous year and May 31 of the current year (e.g. February 28, 2019 is the deadline to apply for courses ending between June 1, 2018 and May 31, 2019). Bursaries are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Confirmation of enrollment

Submit Enrollment Confirmation by June 30 for courses ending between June 1 of the previous year and May 31 of the current year (e.g. you have until June 30, 2019 to submit your enrollment confirmation form for a course ending between June 1, 2018 and May 31, 2019).

How to apply

  1. Once the application has been reviewed, the Ministry will notify the candidate by email of the status of the application (ineligible, approved, or waiting list). Please note that we are unable to provide individual updates on the status of bursaries, as doing so significantly increases bursary processing times.
  2. If your bursary application is incomplete, or if any further information is required to process your application, we will contact you by email, and you will have an opportunity to supply the required information.
  3. To receive a bursary payment, candidates must submit the confirmation of enrollment by June 30.
    • A separate form for each semester must be submitted online and may be submitted as soon as classes have begun.
    • M.Ed. students at UBC do not need to submit a form, as enrollment and tuition fees are confirmed directly with the institution. Simon Fraser University student must apply directly to SFU
    • Instead of a completed Confirmation of Enrollment Form, the Ministry will accept an email from a representative of the post-secondary institution confirming that the candidate was enrolled as a full-time student during the period in question, and that lists the courses taken, as well as the language of instruction of each course.
  4. Once this form has been approved, the Ministry will issue a payment for the semester or course in question. The applicant will be notified by email that a bursary payment is pending.
  5. For bursaries that are paid out in two installments, candidates must submit the required form (see above) for the second semester.

Please notify us if your name or address changes after you submit your application for a French Education bursary, but before you receive your final bursary payment.

Cheques are issued payable to the applicant and sent to the applicant’s mailing address. Please allow six to eight weeks from the date that you receive the email payment notification for your cheque to arrive.


In addition, as a result of Official Languages in Education Programs (OLEP) funding, each school district has additional funds earmarked for professional development for educators in French programs.

Educators can contact the secretary-treasurer of their school districts to find out whether there are any funds remaining that are available to support professional development opportunities for educators in French programs.