Towards Reducing Divisiveness in Dual Track Schools: French Program Review


French Immersion, District-level initiative, Metro Vancouver Region, 2017-2018


A review of the French Immersion programs of choice in School District 48 was completed in January 2018 by the Assistant Superintendent and was presented to the Board of Education on February 14, 2018. Parents, staff and students were provided an opportunity to provide feedback in each of our communities.  


The report highlighted the strengths of the French Immersion programs in School District 48 through the significant growth that has taken place over the last five years. This growth is due primarily to the introduction of Early French Immersion in 2013. The district is working with schools to develop strategies to reduce the divisiveness within a school culture that can be present in a dual track school. We are also working to develop new strategies for recruitment and retention of qualified French Immersion teachers.

Further to the goal of reducing perceived divisiveness, our Instructional Leadership team (ILT) worked to plan a district wide event where students in K-12 worked collaboratively on authentic real world projects on Housing and Transportation and presented their findings to a panel of local and provincial politicians as an authentic audience.