Towards a more Inclusive Classroom: Technology in French Immersion


French Immersion, E-Learning Technology, School-level initiative, Northern B.C. Region, 2017-2018


At McLeod Elementary School our grade 4/5/6 French Immersion class used technology (IPADs, Chrome Books, programs, Apps, etc.) to support their learning of a second language. The technology was also used to support the growing number of learners with learning challenges to encourage them to advocate for the tools they need to succeed and promote inclusion in the second language classroom. This project aligned with a Special Education Technology – British Columbia (SET-BC) initiative.
The project had two goals:
1.  To introduce students to a wide variety of technology integrated into subject areas taught in in French such as Social Studies and Language Arts and integration of Aboriginal ways of learning and knowing.
2. To reduce the stigma from students who are identified as needing technology as an accommodation, to promote inclusion and acceptance of different learning needs.
Programs/Apps used were Word Cloud, PowToon, PechaKucha, Book Creator, Pictello, Explain Everything, Show Me and ChatterPix. 
A Prezi summary of the initiative is available at request from McLeod Elementary School.


Overall the initiative was a success. Students were given many opportunities to experiment with technology and see how it can assist them in their learning in a second language in a way that they often found more engaging than traditional approaches. It also promoted an inclusive classroom environment and students learned in partners and in groups using similar technology for all.
Our struggle was the on-going challenge in a French Immersion class regarding the extra time needed to introduce and process new vocabulary in a second language but this is a concern we will continue to address.


  • Name: Libby Hart
  • Contact email:
  • School district: #91 Nechako Lakes